PanBo - The Office | Set 7702

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  • 378 steps
  • 10.1 pieces per step
  • 7 bags


  • Pieces: 3828
  • weight: 3240 g
  • No stickers
  • 50 prints
  • Size: 25.5 x 33.5 x 25.5 (w x h x d) cm


  • Bestprice (CN): 96.00 EUR (2.5 ct/piece) (3.0 ct/g)


★¹² EU: BlueBrixx - 179.95 EUR CN: Barweer US warehouse - 96 EUR Barweer EU warehouse - 96 EUR Barweer - 96 EUR AFOBRICK - 149 USD
Barweer - 13% discount code: 'Merlin-barweer'
AFOBRICK - 5% discount code: 'merlin'
Kai Zimmermann


The Office designed by ohsojang is refreshing because it is neither retail nor gastronomy, but an office building. This alone may be the reason to buy this set.

However, it should be noted that the original MOC design represents a building around the The Office set of LEGO . This is not uncommon, there are many such MOCs, but it means that you are buying a PanBo set in which many LEGO designs can be found that were taken directly from their set.

Apart from that, we also have a lot of ohsojang in the product. Once again, it is a display of beautiful and modern designs, as well as a nice modularity and some excellent play features.

PanBo is a new brand name, but identical in content to Mork . So, there are also the mediocre bricks included, there is no digital instruction and colorful parts that don’t belong in the set. However, there are also plenty of prints again, but unfortunately all computer screens are printed wrong by 90 degrees.

Overall, a solid set with a beautiful design. Maybe for you if you can live with the quality of the material.

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