Mork - The Deers | Set 010208

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  • 508 steps
  • 6.7 pieces per step
  • 7 bags


  • Pieces: 3423
  • weight: 2770 g
  • No stickers
  • 50 prints
  • Size: 25.5 x 31.5 x 25.5 (w x h x d) cm


  • Bestprice (EUR): 117.63 EUR (3.4 ct/piece) (4.2 ct/g)
  • Bestprice (USD): 124.28 USD (3.6 ct/piece) (4.5 ct/g)


★¹² BarweerEU - 117.63 EUR BarweerUS - 123.19 EUR BlueBrixx - 159.95 EUR BarweerCN - 124.28 USD AFOBRICK - 125 USD
Barweer - 13% discount code: 'Merlin-barweer'
AFOBRICK - 5% discount code: 'merlin'
Kai Zimmermann


The Deers from Mork designed by ohsojang is a true masterpiece! The combination of modern architecture with warm color accents is simply brilliant. As typical of ohsojang, the set can also be disassembled into a series of modules. This building really deserves the term “Modular”.

For me, it’s perhaps the most beautiful modular building I’ve ever built. However, the bricks quality is not something to be cheerful about. They are of mediocre quality at best. On the other hand, Mork includes a lot of prints. I counted over 50.

These prints help to forgive the piece quality already, but more than that, the design by ohsojang does. What a beauty!

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