Cobi - Battleship Bismarck - Executive Edition | Set 4840

Battleship Bismarck - Executive Edition Gallery14 pictures



  • 515 steps
  • 5.7 pieces per step
  • 10 bags


  • Pieces: 2933
  • One minifigure
  • weight: 2000 g
  • No stickers
  • 54 prints
  • Size: 11.5 x 22 x 84 (w x h x d) cm


  • Listprice: 209.99 EUR (7.2 ct/piece) (10.5 ct/g)
  • Bestprice (EU): 195.95 EUR (6.7 ct/piece) (9.8 ct/g)


★¹² BlueBrixx - 195.95 EUR Brickmo - 205.95 EUR
Kai Zimmermann


With the Bismarck Cobi has released a new version of the Tirpitz model from last year. This is good news, as the Tirpitz is Cobi ’s best battleship to date. On the other hand, one might wonder why they didn’t simply release another 2-in-1 set, like they did with Pennsylvania and Iowa.

The reason, I believe, has to do with the unusual paint scheme of the Tirpitz, which wouldn’t have matched the Bismarck. That’s also the strength of this model: it looks so different, even though the two models are almost identical otherwise. With the Red aircraft markings on the turrets, it stands out from all previous Bismarck models as well.

So, everything positive I said about the Tirpitz still applies here, just in a more Classic Battleship paint job. The Bismarck also has the amazing engine room, the spectacular level of detail with over 2900 pieces, the fine building techniques, still no stickers, and again over fifty printed pieces. Like Tirpitz I would have wished that the interior went beyond the engine room.

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