CaDA - Paris Restaurant | Set C66009W

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  • 425 steps
  • 7.6 pieces per step
  • 7 bags

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  • Pieces: 3230
  • weight: 2290 g
  • 4 stickers
  • No prints
  • Size: 25.5 x 30 x 25.5 (w x h x d) cm


  • Listprice: 119.99 USD (3.7 ct/piece) (5.2 ct/g)
  • Bestprice (CN): 81.21 USD (2.5 ct/piece) (3.5 ct/g)
  • Bestprice (EU): 125.99 EUR (3.9 ct/piece) (5.5 ct/g)


★¹² CN: CaDA - 119.99 USD Barweer US warehouse - 81.21 USD Barweer EU warehouse - 81.21 USD Barweer - 81.21 USD AFOBRICK - 119 USD EU: Brickmo - 125.99 EUR
Barweer - 13% discount code: 'Merlin-barweer'
CaDA - 5% discount code: 'merlin'
AFOBRICK - 5% discount code: 'merlin'
Kai Zimmermann


When the Paris Restaurant was announced, I was surprised, as CaDA has never made any modulars . It also differs from the traditional concept. Although it sits on a 32x32 base, it is not modular by floors, but rather can be opened up to the side.

It also does not sit on baseplates, but regular 16x16 plates. In addition, there is a 2-in-1 function that can change the exterior appearance of the building in multiple ways. With solid CaDA brick quality and almost no stickers, we have a very well-rounded package in the box.

However, the opening mechanism has cost the building the typical flexibility in the interior design. Mostly, the rooms are the same size. Also, the building is relatively small, as there had to be enough space on both sides for a meaningful outside.

Overall, CaDA should be commended for this novel approach. However, it is also a good example of why you should not necessarily change a running system. Classical modulars work better in most scenarios than this design.

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