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  • 176 steps
  • 4.6 pieces per step
  • 5 bags
Manual Star Wars™ Emperor's Throne Room™ Diorama - 1



  • Pieces: 807
  • 3 minifigures
  • weight: 570 g
  • No stickers
  • 4 prints
  • Size: 21 x 18 x 18 (w x h x d) cm

Colour distribution

Star Wars™ Emperor's Throne Room™ Diorama Colour distribution


  • Listprice: 99.99 USD (12.4 ct/piece) (17.5 ct/g)
  • Bestprice (NA): 99.94 USD (12.4 ct/piece) (17.5 ct/g)
  • Bestprice (EU): 82.17 EUR (10.2 ct/piece) (14.4 ct/g)


★¹² NA: LEGO - 99.99 USD Amazon - 99.94 USD EU: Brickmo - 82.17 EUR
Lightailing - 10% discount code: 'merlin-light'
Kai Zimmermann


Although I regreted a bit that the Dioramas four and five have the original trilogy again as their theme, I was still excited for the Emperor's Throne Room™ Diorama.

In terms of building techniques, this is the most exciting diorama yet, with a brilliant throne and an interesting window construction that also features a brand-new printed window piece. The podium construction is also well done. This set looks even good from below! It helps that LEGO has once again refrained from using colorful parts and stickers.

The Minifigures are okay, Darth Vader is certainly LEGO ’s best yet, but we already know him from TIE Bomber. Luke has new hair and the Emperor has new prints. Unfortunately, unlike its predecessor in spirit Death Star™ Final Duel, there are no Imperial Guards. The color contrast would have been nice.

The price, especially compared to the Dagobah™ Jedi™ Training Diorama from the previous year, is my main problem. LEGO has overreached by 20 Euros here.

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