LEGO - Star Wars™ Tusken Raider™ | Set 40615

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  • 51 steps
  • 3.0 pieces per step
  • no bag separation
Manual Star Wars™ Tusken Raider™ - 1


  • Pieces: 152
  • weight: 70 g
  • No stickers
  • 7 prints
  • Box size: 12.2 x 7.8 x 9.1 cm

Colour distribution

Star Wars™ Tusken Raider™ Colour distribution


  • Listprice: 9.99 USD (6.6 ct/piece) (14.3 ct/g)


★¹² LEGO - 9.99 USD
Kai Zimmermann


I like the Tusken Raider from LEGO. The impression is a bit chaotic and conveys the slightly run-down, multi-layered fabric look well. The properties of the face mask are also well captured. I think it’s a clever idea to use spacers for the eye openings in the mask.

The riffle on the back, on the other hand, shows the typical BrickHeadz humor in its completely wrong scale. You just have to look at these sets with a smile.

Overall, it is the most detailed BrickHead I have build so far and that has paid off visually. LEGO even gave it a few new parts and six prints.

The Tusken Raider is visually well done and with 6.6 ct/piece not too expensive. A nice little building fun, not only for collectors and Star Wars fans!

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