1Camper - Male, Dark Brown Hair, Red Jacket, Dark Tan Legs with Reddish Brown Boots, Backpack0.00 USD
0.43 USD0.16 USD
0.35 USD0.66 USD
2.29 USD3.16 USD
0.35 USD0.20 USD
1Camper - Female, Dark Orange Hair, Glasses, Tan Sweater, Dark Green Legs0.00 USD
0.50 USD0.22 USD
0.48 USD0.26 USD
0.58 USD0.58 USD
Torso1.19 USD
1Camper - Female, Black Hair, Bright Light Blue Sweater, Dark Bluish Gray Legs with Black Boots0.00 USD
1.51 USD0.80 USD
0.44 USD0.66 USD
1.30 USD0.66 USD
1Camper - Male, Bright Light Yellow Hair, Reddish Brown Jacket, Sand Blue Legs0.00 USD
Hair3.83 USD
0.56 USD0.26 USD
0.67 USD0.58 USD
Torso3.00 USD

LEGO - Ideas A-Frame Cabin | Set 21338

Ideas A-Frame Cabin Gallery17 pictures



  • 333 steps
  • 6.3 pieces per step
  • 15 bags
Manual Ideas A-Frame Cabin - 1 Manual Ideas A-Frame Cabin - 2



Colour distribution

Ideas A-Frame Cabin Colour distribution


  • Listprice: 179.99 USD (8.6 ct/piece) (11.1 ct/g)
  • Bestprice (EUR): 224.99 EUR (10.8 ct/piece) (13.9 ct/g)


★¹² LEGO - 179.99 USD Brickmo - 224.99 EUR
Lightailing - 10% discount code: 'merlin-light'
Kai Zimmermann


LEGO does many things right with the A-Frame Cabin . It’s an adult set with charming looks, a lot of printed elements, and brilliant pieces. It’s also very close to the original Ideas submission, with the only difference being that the trees have become much more simple compared to the original. LEGO also added a back wall to the house, which wasn’t necessary but may be appreciated by some.

The set comes with lots of tiles, including more than 30 printed ones. That is great news. However, it still wasn’t enough to tile the floors.

The minifigures, once again, have to make do without any prints on their legs, hips, or arms. LEGO can certainly do better than this.

I would recommend, on the other hand, to take a look at the techniques used to create the rough wooden structure on the front and back walls.

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