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  • 911 steps
  • 6.8 pieces per step
  • 49 bags
Manual Lord of the Rings™ - Rivendell™ - 1 Manual Lord of the Rings™ - Rivendell™ - 2 Manual Lord of the Rings™ - Rivendell™ - 3


  • Pieces: 6167
  • 15 minifigures
  • weight: 4440 g
  • 15 stickers
  • 79 prints
  • Size: 75 x 39 x 50 (w x h x d) cm
  • Box size: 48.0 x 21.8 x 52.3 cm

Colour distribution

Lord of the Rings™ - Rivendell™ Colour distribution


  • Listprice: 499.99 USD (8.1 ct/piece) (11.3 ct/g)
  • Bestprice (EUR): 624.99 EUR (10.1 ct/piece) (14.1 ct/g)


★¹² LEGO - 499.99 USD Brickmo - 624.99 EUR
Kai Zimmermann


Lord of the Rings™ - Rivendell is the best LEGO set I have ever built! The amount of brilliant building techniques, the incredibly detailed design, all the Easter Eggs and the diorama qualities are leaving you a bit speechless.

This set looks amazing from every angle and is providing endless possibilities for recreating scenes from the books and movies. It is also a rich source of exciting building techniques to learn, and the minifigure ensemble is genuinely great. The new elf hairpieces may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but the new weapons, dual mold pants of the hobbits and Boromir’s fine shield are sure to impress.

This set is so good and detailed that LEGO could have easily divided it into five to six sets, and I would have bought them all.

Its only weakness are the stickers. Not having some of them as prints is painful. LEGO included eighty prints in the box to decorate the floors. That’s nice, but that could have been solved with building techniques as well. I would trade all of them for ten less stickers any day.

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