1Drummer7.46 USD
0.44 USD0.28 USD
0.51 USD0.30 USD
0.59 USD0.51 USD
Torso2.64 USD
1Pizza Chef8.15 USD
0.75 USD0.26 USD
0.69 USD0.58 USD
0.62 USD0.85 USD
1Bass Player / Bassist8.57 USD
0.64 USD0.61 USD
Head2.47 USD
0.59 USD0.51 USD
0.18 USD0.13 USD
Torso2.64 USD
1Club Owner / Manager5.39 USD
0.44 USD0.22 USD
Head0.88 USD
0.71 USD0.58 USD
0.94 USD0.96 USD
1Tailor5.82 USD
0.43 USD0.16 USD
0.34 USD0.26 USD
0.67 USD0.58 USD
0.53 USD0.96 USD
1Jazz Singer14.21 USD
Body4.81 USD
1.32 USD0.92 USD
0.44 USD0.30 USD
Torso3.48 USD
1Magician8.67 USD
0.43 USD0.26 USD
0.63 USD0.58 USD
0.77 USD0.30 USD
Torso3.77 USD
1Pizza Delivery Driver5.34 USD
0.43 USD0.25 USD
0.44 USD0.30 USD
0.45 USD0.66 USD
1.37 USD0.82 USD

LEGO - Icons Jazz Club | Set 10312

Icons Jazz Club Gallery16 pictures



  • 420 steps
  • 6.9 pieces per step
  • 15 bags
Manual Icons Jazz Club - 1



  • Pieces: 2899
  • 8 minifigures
  • weight: 2510 g
  • No stickers
  • 17 prints
  • Size: 25.5 x 30 x 25.5 (w x h x d) cm
  • Box size: 48.0 x 12.4 x 58.2 cm

Colour distribution

Icons Jazz Club Colour distribution


  • Listprice: 229.99 USD (7.9 ct/piece) (9.2 ct/g)


★¹² LEGO - 229.99 USD Brickmo - 287.5 EUR
Lightailing - 10% discount code: 'merlin-light'
Kai Zimmermann


Admittedly, I was sceptical after the announcement of LEGO’s Jazz Club modular building. Somehow it seemed a bit to simple even crude, especially compared to the Icons Boutique Hotel from the previous year. After building it, I had to take that back. What a cute, beautiful and friendly design!

The dark red exterior walls work in combination with the other colours much better than I expected. The numerous prints, especially the signs on the front, enhance the building significantly. The interior is nicely done as well. However, I would have liked to have tiles on the upper floors.

The minifigures are also cleverly designed, although I wish that LEGO would make printed legs standard in all adult sets in 2023. This set has none.

Overall, a great modular!

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