Brick News #26: BlueBrixx, LEGO, Jaki, MOCs, Ideas and more

Brick News #26: BlueBrixx, LEGO, Jaki, MOCs, Ideas and more feature image

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Set Updates from BlueBrixx, LEGO, Jaki. In addition, MOCs of the week and news from the LEGO Ideas Programm.

🚀 MOCs
Commander Cody Phase 2 Megafigure :
Lego City Fire Station:
Roman Horreum [storage]:
Call Center - 10278 Police Station Alternative Build:
SW - Tatooine Desert House:
Modular The Bride Boutique + Additional Floor:
Rohan Warrior`s House:
Mini 10305 Lion Knights Castle:
Farm House:
Rav*nclaw Tower:

📚 Miscellaneous
★¹ GoBricks parts at WeBrick:
★¹ LEGO - Pick a Brick:
★¹ BlueBrixx - Part Packs:

00:00:00 - Introduction
00:00:15 - BlueBrixx
00:07:48 - Jaki
00:10:14 - LEGO
00:17:30 - MOCs of the week
00:34:17 - Ideas

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