Brick News #2: BlueBrixx, Cobi, Mork and more

Brick News #2: BlueBrixx, Cobi, Mork and more feature image

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Set Updates from BlueBrixx, Cobi, Forange, Keeppley, Mork, Sembo, Wange, Xingbao this week. In addition we have news from the LEGO Ideas Programm.

🚀 MOCs
'HEA-ON-JEA' Villa modular:

00:00:00 - Introduction
00:00:30 - BlueBrixx
00:13:00 - Cobi
00:19:50 - Forange and Keeppley
00:24:35 - Mork and Sembo
00:31:12 - Wange and Xingbao

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