LEGO Harry Potter Kingsley Shacklebolt | Minifig hp335

Kingsley Shacklebolt minifigure


Consists Of

BL★¹²LEGOAlso in
Minifigure, Head Thick Black Eyebrows, Dark Bluish Gray Cheek Lines and Chin Dimple, Closed Grin Pattern - Hollow Stud4.78 USD
Minifigure, Headgear Kufi1.72 USD1.06 USD
Hips and Legs with Dark Purple and Gold Robe Ends PatternBrickLink
Torso Robe over Dark Purple Shirt, Magenta and Gold Trim Pattern / Blue Arms / Reddish Brown Hands3.42 USD

Appears in

LEGO - Harry Potter™ 12 Grimmauld Place | Set 76408

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